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XP Portal -

The electronic portal solution


Electronic portal integration is the only central access point integrating information channels, services and applications, distributing to users through a unified and simple way based on Web. It can be said that the e-portal is an important system serving the information administration and management of organizations, enterprises... in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency and especially to promote the access and use of new technologies.

XP Portal Software provides a complete solution about content management system using Portal technologies including functions: CMS Module, Interface Management, Module Management (Web-part), AD integration... for clients who are businesses, corporations, ministries, departments, agencies...

Built on a foundation of core IMB Xpages Platform and core IBM Lotus Domino, the software has the full functions of a complete Portal such as:

• Web-part mechanism

• CMS Content Management. Business processes are designed on Workflow Process

• User-friendly and professional interface with the menu system of Office. To be able to integrate LDAP Active Directory

• Function to create the sub-portals

The components of XP Portal

• Content Management System (CMS)

• The information system of administrative procedures

• The system of central and local laws.

• The operational document system of the provinces

• The information system of answers and questions

• Online state service system

• The connection, interaction system with the specialized database such as the CSDL test scores, cost of land, business information, planning…

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