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UGate -

Electronic “one – door” solution



UGATE is administrative electronic “one – door” software solution applied to computerize transactions between organizations and citizens with the state administrative agency under the mechanism of "one door" defined in Decision No. 93/2007/QD-TTg on June 22nd, 2007 of the Prime Minister. Transactions computerized include guiding, receiving papers and documents as well as resolving and returning the results. All above activities are made ​​only in a place which is receptor and release of state administrative agencies.

UGATE helps state agencies improve the quality of service for citizens and organizations through the application of information technology to receive, resolve administrative records as well as make public the status of resolving those records. Specifically, they are:

• Procedures management

• Profile handling

• Statistical Report

• Document management

• Portfolio reference management

• Personalization

• User Management

• System Administration

• Utilities (task reminder, chat…)

• Integration with the website of the units

• Ability to connect to the website of the units to lookup records of citizens and enterprises

UGATE has some following dominant advantages:

• Interface is simple and easy to use

• Customized processes can be defined by the user interface.

• Data is optimized and managed by year.

• Applies advanced technology and is capable of expansion

• Be integrated with document management and operation software

• Meet the standards prescribed by ISO

• Satisfy technical standards of the Ministry of Information and Communications




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