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Overview of solutions


E-commerce consists of the links between computer systems suppliers, buyers and sellers through online transactions. E-commerce allows sellers to transfer products and services to buyers. In exchange, the buyer must pay the amount determined as the price of goods and services they purchase from the front.

The level of development of e-commerce

Level 1: information commerce (i-commerce) online business website to provide information about products and services ... The sales activity is still done in the traditional way

Level 2: commercial transactions (t-commerce): allow business transaction ordering, purchase online through the website, which may include online payment

Level 3: integrated commercial (c-business, c = collaborating, connecting: integrated connection): business website links directly with data in the enterprise's internal network, all communication activities data automation, limited human intervention and thus significantly reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.

UCOM provide complete solutions related to e-commerce models, help customers quickly implement its business strategy.


UCOM includes application packages:

• Online Retail

• Health care / health care online

• Online Travel

• Online Shipping

• Sell online intellectual property (selling brainpower online)

• Online Grocery

• Real Estate Online

• Legal Services Online

• Services for children

• Investment Banking and Online

• Online Learning

• Publishing Online

• Online entertainment

• Online Staff





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