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TMan is a suite of software applications Management work in the units, government agencies, organizations and businesses with the main features include:

1. Work Management
Statistics volumes have been assigned. Track progress of the work

2. Swap Job
The participants WM-05 system can create separate virtual channel exchange to discuss resolution options for each specific job

3. Data Working
The sharing of documents related to work is very important in the process of coordinating work. Users are account-level storage system documents such as text editor, image ... WM-05 can help users flexible access authorization each folder, files for the Other members easily and intuitively.

4. Announcement
ENewsletter help agencies can now announce important news dissemination. The message will be appeared right homepage WM-05 system.

5. Forum
The members participating in a computer network can freely discuss issues that people are interested in this common forum

6. Names
Provide quick summary information for each individual agency business such as job title, email address, contact phone number.







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