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Edugate is an online training solution oriented to open source code developed by Vietsoftpro on the Moodle platform, integrates multiple content feature (Rich Media), video conference to bring an optimal solution for the problem of distance learning on the Internet platform in Vietnam.

1. Solution for distance learning in the international standard

Moodle platform (stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) was founded in 1999 by Martin Dougiamas, who continues to operate and develop the project. Since then Moodle is a boom and attracted the attention of most countries in the world and even the largest companies selling LMS / LCMS as BlackCT (Blackboard + WebCT) also own strategies to compete with Moodle.

2. High reliability

Edugate develops on the Moodle platform so it has very high reliability. Over 10 000 sites in the world (surveyed at have used Moodle in 160 countries and it has been translated into 75 different languages.

3. An advanced and comprehensive solution

Edugate develops on the Moodle platform, integrates the latest online technologies developed by Vietsoftpro, notably Video Conference and Rich Media offers an E-Learning solutions effectively and comprehensively.

Vietsoftpro is a pioneer in the online solutions oriented to open source code in Vietnam, with the Vietnamese Talent Awards in 2007 and is one of two young IT companies in Vietnam selected to implement the project as program of scientific and technological innovation during 2009-2011 of the Ministry of Science & technology.

4. Cost saving

With Edugate, partners are always receiving consultation, support to achieve maximum efficiency in the training:

• Deploy, operate and maintain infrastructure

• The process of training deployment

• The process of creating lesson’s content

• Recording studio room

Edugate is a product for educators taking people and training process to be the center. With this philosophy, Vietsoftpro hopes to work with partners to implement successfully, and improve the quality of their training projects!





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