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The document management plays a very important position in the ministry departments, administrative units, and enterprises

Currently, the document management in each unit has encountered the following problems:

• The text management takes a lot of time, manpower and cost

• The ability to handle to/from text documents, workflow, archive and search directly affecting the operating activities of the organization.

• Follow the manual method, time-consuming, human and operational costs.

• The difficulty of standardizing the process of receiving, to/from word-processing and text information within internal situation.

• The manager captures and updates information for the operating activities of leaders and employees are not prompt and full.

• Storage, look up and search limited information

Codi is a totally comprehensive solution for applying electronic text and document management processes; workflow management; storage, search, and share resources. In addition, the system also provides utilities to support other users based on IBM’s Lotus Domino.

1. The application purpose of Codi solution:

Purpose 1: Deploy the construction of IT application systems for managing and administrating, addressing fundamental issues:

• Standardize business processes in electronic archives

• Standardize professional processes in word-processing, electronic work

• Build data systems by electronic text (digitizing all to / from documents, internal documents)

• Looking up, searching quickly, accurately and conveniently

• Preparing reports and statistics on many different criteria

Purpose 2: Develop regulations promulgated to create a legal basis for the deployment of electronic systems in units

Purpose 3: Advance basic computer skills and common software applications

2. Benefits of Codi Application

Solve the fundamental problems in the management of dispatch documents, executive operations:

• Standardize professional processes in archives, word-processing, electronic work. Subscribe to manage all documents, tasks, information quickly and accurately

• Minimize the time of word-processing, reduce costs compared to using manual methods

• Ensure maximum security and confidentiality for all documents, prevent loss of important information

• Support search quickly, accurately and conveniently. Prepare reports and statistics

• Formation of a modern working methods





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