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Vietsoftpro is proud of developing product lines, software for online solutions and management as well as information technology and communication services in order to become a brand stature and credibility in Vietnam, satisfy the increasing demand for information and information handling of customers in the period of integration, fully take responsibility to the shareholders, contribute to society and the environment, for the professional development and a better life for all employees. Vietsoftpro’s efforts are recognized through awards and major scientific topics of government.

  • "Bringing wings to dreams" award and the Top 10 IT products in the competition "Vietnam’s talent 2007" with Local Search products for major cities in Vietnam (IZOMI products) (Refer to: )
  • Be one of the IT business chosen to receive financial support in the period of 2010 – 2012 by National Foundation for Science and Technology Development - Ministry of Science & Technology with scientific topic "Research and develop online information searching technology on the platform of open source and WEB 2.0, technology integration of navigational digital map, stimulated three-dimensional map, and applications on WEB and mobile phone
  • (Refer to:
  • Collaborative topic with Hoa Lac High - tech Park in "Research and develop applications about online map of Hoa Lac High - tech Park to serve the self-promotion for investment" (2001-2012)
  • The study of IT research and application in "Application of 3D interactive technology in the management of cultural heritage in Vietnam" (2010-2012)


The Vietsoftpro’s main products currently make great contribution to the application of information technology in the fields of on-line in the Internet and mobile phone, public administration, business management, e - commerce.

Vietsoftpro proudly develops product line and online software solutions, software systems for management as well as information technology and communications services - to become a brand stature and credibility in Vietnam - to meet the increasing demand of customers for information and information handling in the period of integration.

Products and solutions of Vietsofrpro include:

  • Solution for electronic portal
  • Solution for managing, conserving and promoting materials of celebrity culture
  • Solution for managing and promoting the historic places by 3D interactive technology
  • Solution for document management and business operation
  • Solution for electronic showroom
  • Solution for virtual museum
  • Software system for learning online – E learning
  • System for online video conference
  • System for online digital map
  • System for order and archive management
  • System for Warehouse management
  • Information system for public Administration
  • Information system for business operation
  • Information system for culture and travel
  • Other IT products


Experience of consultants, analysis, design, construction, it project implementation - Some major projects

  • The project "Research and Development of information technology online search Vietnam on open source platforms and Web 2.0, technology integration of map navigation, map three-dimensional simulation, the application WEB and mobile phones "- Ministry of Science & Technology;
  • Solution building "built, systematized marine national database of baseline results to natural conditions, resources and environment of Vietnam's waters." - The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment;
  • Solution building "Information management and legacy data" - Institute of Arts and Culture Vietnam;
  •  Develop a "Virtual tour system for the interactive 3D Nguyen Du Souvenir" - Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ha Tinh;
  • Develop a "Virtual tourism system for interactive 3D view 48 ancient village" - Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Bac Ninh;
  • The project "Electronic Portal of Quan Bac Ninh Folk" - Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Bac Ninh;
  • The project "e-portal of the world cultural celebrities Nguyen Du" - Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ha Tinh;
  • Construction Project "System software for online learning systems Karox Indian IT training in Vietnam" - Karox India;
  • Project " Document management system" - National Oil Corporation of Vietnam;
  • Project "Intranet system and inventory management" - Vietnam Paper Corporation;
  • The project "Consultancy on intranet system design" - Minerals Corporation Vietnam VIMICO





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