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Overview of ADE solution

ADE (Adempere ERP) is the ERP solution developed on Adempere platforms. It supports businesses to manage the customer relationship, service delivery processes, production labor, delivery-sales, revenue and expenditure management,… more effectively - All of them are deployed on a single system which is built on a unified information architecture.

ADE combines the complete, open and the most efficient in the world function for enterprise resource management with technology of open and flexible platform; allows businesses to increase productivity, improve performance and necessary adaptability to accelerate the business strategies.

The solutions in the ADE are designed with form of modules to suit a variety of business forms and different budget levels, including:

• Financial Management

• Human Resource Management

• Production Management

• Marketing Management

• Sales Management

• Supply Management

• Orders Management

• Project Management

• Services Management

• Maintenance Management

• Product Lifecycle Management

• Information systems to support decision.

• Distribution Planning





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